Sound Microbiology Laboratory

A premium environmental laboratory

At Sound Microbiology Laboratory, we are committed to providing our clients quality analysis, strong customer support and satisfaction while still keeping our prices competitive. We are experts in environmental microbiology. Our goal is simple: to provide our clients accurate, reliable and timely results. By providing excellent service for our clients—public and private companies, municipalities, government agencies, engineering firms, companies in the guest services sector and homeowners—we help them make effective, data-driven decisions to protect public health, the environment and property.

Sound Microbiology Laboratory offers over twenty-six years of practical experience and expertise in the fields of environmental and industrial bacteriology. We analyze a variety of matrices:

  • waters and waste waters
  • industrial materials
  • building materials
  • biofilms
  • surfaces
  • soils
  • air

Our services include:

  • Water and Aerosol Contaminants including Legionella, E. coli and Coliforms;
  • Wastewater Organisms including Salmonella and Coliforms.

Visit our services page for more information. You can also request a quote or submit samples. You can contact us by sending a message or calling (206) 842-2143. We look forward to hearing from you.