Aerobic Endospore Testing

Indigenous aerobic endospore testing can be utilized to assess the ability of water treatment aerobic endospore testingplants to physically remove and/or disinfect against potentially harmful organisms. The endospores can act as surrogates for other potentially pathogenic organisms including encysted protozoans, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia species.

Samples are heated at a specific temperature and set-time to eliminate non-spore forming organisms. After heat treatment, samples are filtered and inoculated onto general growth media for enumeration.

To determine the amount of reduction, samples should be collected on the treated and non-treated sides of a system.

Types and Amount of Sample to Collect:


Potable Water (containing chlorine): 1000 ml in sterile polypropylene bottle containing 1 ml of 10%

Sodium Non-potable Water: 1000 ml in sterile polypropylene bottle

Shipping Requirements:

Maintain samples below 8 degrees Celsius but do not freeze. Ideally samples should be delivered to the laboratory not more than 18-24 hours after collection.

Turn-around Time:

Final results in 4 days.

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